Friday, February 16, 2007

Insurgents Armed with Iranian Sniper Rifles

Did anyone watch when Mahmood Ahm-in-a-jihad told Diane Sawyer "you are just a journalist"?

Priceless, but it sort of gave you the feeling he had no real compunction about lying to her; especially regarding Iran's involvement in Iraq.
The UK Telegraph reports that Iranian sniper rifles (bought from Austria) have found their way onto the Iraq battlefield.

So, you're probably saying "Hey, what's one or two weapons? Radicals could have stolen them from the Iranian government and smuggled them into Iraq."

However, but, comma, pause, these are not just a "few" sniper rifles. One hundred of the eight hundred rifles shipped to Iran by Austria have been discovered during raids by coalition forces. That's more than 10 percent (12.5% to be exact) of the entire supply of sniper rifles in Iran's purchase.

Ahem, don't you think the Iranians would have missed those one hundred .50 caliber rifles...that cost $15,000 per copy?

Naaaah, just a clerical error (no pun intended).
thanks to Bill Roggio for the link

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