Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh no, Those Intolerant Religious People Did It!!!



.....Your 15 minutes are officially over.

The former Edwards' Presidential High Mufti of the Electronic Word "quit" the Edwards campaign several days ago. Yeah, that's it, she "quit". We all know what the word "quit" means in politics.

Having told her story to Salon, Marcotte still doesn't get it. To her, when religious people tell the truth (using her own words), Ms. Marcotte insists it is a "smear".

Maybe she thinks the Catholic Church (her perpetual target) should canonize her as a martyr instead.
The Word according to Saint Amanda of the Unhinged (patron saint of the revoltingly bigoted) is available for everyone to read. Her own words hanged her but she is still fundamentally incapable of taking responsibility.
Another word for this type of behavior is "arrogance".
What does this say about the Left who rally to her side or about Edwards who hired her?

No doubt she has noticed the drop in traffic at her Blog of Hate. Similarly, she is no longer worth the time it takes to write about her, even on this simple, insignificant little blog.
And so, this is the last post in which I will waste electrons regarding this vile little creature.

Bye, bye, Ms. Marcotte. I do hope you find another job - so this will help. I hope you find the happiness that is so obviously missing from your lonely, and now, irrelevant life.

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