Friday, March 30, 2007

Fat, Daft, and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life

I never knew that Rosie O' Donnell actually explained the loss of WTC #7 by saying:

"it was the foist time in hista-ry that fyah melted steel."

WHAAAT?!?!! Ms O'DouchBag, I grew up in Pittsburgh when we were still making massive quantities of steel.

Please allow me to educate you:
-- fire is actually necessary to make steel

-- fire melts steel
-- molten steel is then poured into ingots, bars, and beams - while it is still molten - from fire

However Rosie, in this case, the steel didn't need to "melt" (as you likely envision a big, fat grilled cheese sandwich). It only needed to be heated enough to bend. Once it begins to bend the redistribution of weight moves inward, creating an accelerated implosion. When a building implodes, the rapid displacement of mass and air creates an outward wave - shattering windows and causing other phenomena that morons call "explosive charges".

OH, WAIT ROSIE, I'M WRONG... I forgot that steel is really formed into different shapes by the STEEL MELTING FAIRY.
Yes, cold, hard steel is magically transformed into ingots, bars, and beams by this mystical fairy:

He even made a movie about it for you to absorb into your adipose filled cranium

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