Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You've Got to Admire the Underdog that Swims Against the Flow

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!

I really like Joe Lieberman, but not in a man-crush kinda' way....


Here's part of what Sen. Lieberman said in his speech yesterday to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee:

There is something profoundly wrong when opposition to the war in Iraq seems to inspire greater passion than opposition to Islamist extremism. There is something profoundly wrong when there is so much distrust of our intelligence community that some Americans doubt the plain and ominous facts about the threat to us posed by Iran. And there is something profoundly wrong when, in the face of attacks by radical Islam, we think we can find safety and stability by pulling back, by talking to and accommodating our enemies, and abandoning our friends and allies. Some of this wrong-headed thinking about the world is happening because we're in a political climate where, for many people, when George Bush says "yes," their reflex reaction is to say "no." That is unacceptable.

Lieberman concluded his speech with the following words:

The esteemed historian of the Middle East, Bernard Lewis, was in Washington this past week. He said that, when he looks at the world today and the threats we face, it reminds him of the 1930s—and that he hears far more voices that sound like Chamberlain than like Churchill. And so I challenge each of you to find the voice of Churchill inside yourself, and let it be heard this week on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation in the days and years ahead.
Stand up for your arguments. Stand up for your principles. Stand up for your values. Stand up for America. Stand up for Israel. Stand up for freedom. And have confidence that in the end, our cause will, with God's help, prevail.

Is it any wonder that Lieberman became the special target of leftists in the Democratic party or that the Democrats of Connecticut rejected him?

The complete text of the speech is here.


Frederick said...

There is something profoundly wrong with Joe Lieberman the traitor.

TJ said...

It's funny that you call someone who supports the troops a traitor.

What does that make you?

megabrad said...

I think it makes Ferd a RETARD!

megabrad said...

I think it makes Ferd a RETARD!

mega! said...

Said it twice for greater emphasis!!

Frederick said...

Lieberman doesn't support the troops anymore then the rest of the windbags supporting the War in Iraq. If there is anyone guiltier of spitting on troops, it'd be he, and people like him. AIPAc, didn't they have some people arrested and convicted of spying on the U.S. just awhile ago? Figures traitor Joe would be sucking off their teat.

TJ said...

I don't know Fred, got a link or is it just an opinion?

Perhaps it is in Bizarro World that wanting the troops to win is treason. I believe that undermining the troops leads down that path (see: Pelosi, Murtha, DumbasCraps in general)

TJ said...

Nice to hear from you again MEGABRAD AKA Evil Scientist. What have you been up to?

MEGABRAD said...

Building a NEW WEBPAGE!

Featuring FRED, of all people.
All shall applaud my EVIL GENIUS!!!!