Saturday, April 28, 2007

Retired General Wants Bush to Surrender - UPDATED

Kasie Hunt in today's Houston Chronicle reports that General William Odom thinks that Bush should sign the legislation sent to him by Congress because Iraq is lost. Oooo, sounds bad for Bush when another General joins the call to surrender. But, that's not what I see in this article.

I wondered how long it would take the liberal media to unearth some decrepit, worthless PERFUMED PRINCES™ to decry the Battle for Iraq. So who is General William Odom anyway?

General William Eldridge Odom is a pogue -- a REMF -- a staff wienie -- he is not and has never been a warrior. Odom is one of those "soldier" who enjoyed the finer things in life while others were slogging it out in the mud and blood of combat. He is also the author of such bold and gallant tomes as:
(I'm not kidding...check the link)

During the only major war of his career (Vietnam) he was a REMF on the staff of Plans, Policy, and Programs, and worked on the Vietnamization phase of the war. Vietnamization was the plan to build up the strength of the Vietnam forces so they could handle their own security. So, in essence, the guy who failed to accomplish this in Vietnam is now calling on Bush to fail at the same strategy. Is he afraid that today's real soldiers will succeed where a pretender failed?

Meanwhile the liberal media and the Democrats are using Odom's title of "General" to distort the argument against the war. They rely on the logical error of "False Expert" to convince the American public that "even the Generals don't like this war". Odom was never a wartime general or even a warrior (see Pogue above). He was a bureaucrat. "Odoom" gave the Dumbascraps weekly address.
"I hope the president seizes this moment for a basic change in course and signs the bill Congress has sent him," Odom said, delivering the Democrats' weekly radio address.
In the comments section for the Houston Chronicle article you'll see scores of lemmings parroting the comments of this 3-star turd-in-the-punch-bowl. But then you'll find comments by "twm" ( a 22-year military officer) and brownmil (21 years Gunnery Sgt) that inject some common sense into the argument. I encourage you to read them.

My conclusion: Odom is just another cowardly traitor in warrior's clothing who should be stripped of his military pension.

Portrait of a Jackass

is a term coined by a true warrior - Col David Hackworth - to describe General Officers who live in pampered surroundings while they make assumptions and hard choices for those who really fight the nation's wars (see: General William Eldridge Odom)

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