Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ku Klux Klinton Klan

Gee, another racist in the Clinton Camp?

Whodathunkit?? (I seem to be saying that a lot during this political season).

The Clinton's have been using race to beat down a black man throughout this campaign. This is the politics of the Left at its most honest and exposed. Closet racists are a hoot. (Quite progressive, ain't they?)

Prejudice and bias are often based on competition for resources. In this case the competition is for the highest office in the land.
The Clintons desperately want to get back into the White House so they can tear all of the "W" keys off of the computer keyboards again -- (children dressed up as adults in the White House -- again -- I can't wait).

The Clintons and their surrogates (Ferraro, Rendell, et al) are no better than the disenfranchised Southern plantation owners who couldn't compete with newly freed black slaves. The slaves knew how to work the land better than the plantation owners -- they had to do it as slaves after all. The former "masters" now had to negotiate labor agreements with their former slaves.
If the slaves didn't want to work for the former slave owners, the viability of a Southern plantation was at risk.

Up rose the Ku Klux Klan to beat down the "uppity" blacks. Klinton is more of the same. This should not be surprising.

Bill Klinton's hero, J. William Fulbright, opposed racial integration in the South and even signed the Southern Manifesto. The manifesto was written in response to the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling Brown v. Board of Education, which integrated public schools.

The Democrat Party successfully re-enslaved minorities and the poor in the 1960's with the socialist stupidity of the Great Society programs. Liberals will claim they saved Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites from poverty using the Great Society programs -- instead they created a narcotic allure of never having to work or strive to survive. They punished them for keeping families together...but before I go too far into that history, realize that today's Democrats believe Blacks OWE them. The Dems think they did the poor a favor by creating a reliance on the government. And if one "uppity" Black is going to stand up against them, they will fight back by painting that Black as inferior and unready.

Barak Obama would do better as a Republican, where he would be recognized for his achievement, not vilified as an unappreciative lackey.

The ironic part of this story is that the Kentucky KKK is supporting Obama!!! Follow the link to view it.

(just kidding about that last bit, but I stand by everything else.)


Anonymous said...

LOL. The link to the KKK endorsement has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Interesting essay. Read the wikipedia article, nice treatment. But I think your characterizing the GS programs as having "successfully re-enslaved minorities" seems a bit of a stretch, since other than EEOC and preferences toward minority owned businesses (which benefits white women just as much) I hardly see "minorities" benefiting, let alone dependent, on much lagresse from Uncle Sugar these days, and particularly since the only thing that really remains of the GS programs that really benefit poor minorities per se is Medicaid.

I think it's interesting the way the race card is being played by everyone concerned. The KKK article is a nice touch; it illustrates that there are no absolutes in this race.

Personally, if anything can be said about LBJ's "war on poverty," I'd have to opine that it seems to be to have been an abject failure at exactly what you accused it of doing: "enslaving" minorities and welding their lips to the government teat. The vast majority of LBJ's original vision seems to have been dismantled by Nixon and Regan. Rather, its failure (seems to me) to have done more to motivate minorities to elevate themselves.

I think Ferraro's comments, and her subsequent defense of them, may have done more damage to the Clinton campaign - and possibly the entire Democratic field - than any single event in this race short of Bill getting caught by a cop in a airport stall getting a blowjob from a hooker. A new low.



Rogue said...

Yeah, the KKK link was killin' me until I realized it was a farce.

The Great Society program I refer to is an extension of the New Deal welfare state. The expansion of welfare (i.e. the FOOD STAMP ACT OF 1964), was originally targeted at poverty and enhancing nutrition for children. The Johnson expansion created the conditions where child birth, divorce, and laziness increased subsidies (CATO).

As a modern political axiom says, "if you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less, tax it." Johnson's subsidies toward negative social behaviors led to inner city crime, the rise of gangs, and an 80% illegitimacy rate among African-Americans.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Rogue!..The Democrat Party successfully re-enslaved minorities and the poor in the 1960's with the socialist stupidity of the Great Society programs. ...so dang true but dont bother askin a Lib...its all about da Man according to them!..that and BDS!

Brooke said...

Hi, Rogue!

This is the first time I can ever remember Dems calling each other bigots, racists, ect.