Friday, July 04, 2008

Celebrate Independence

The flag is the symbol of our country and provides a common icon for all Americans to view as a representation of American ideals.

And, on this blog, we try to help outline the differences between two ideologies that have both embraced the idea of "America".

Conservatives view America as the ultimate ideal of self-governance. They look at who we are, what we've achieved, where we are today. Conservatives look at America as one large family of people striving, like any family, to make the best out of life even if we don't agree with our government. Each family member has their own interests, but they still come together to help one another as individuals. They work for change from the inside out.

Liberals view America as an unfinished portrait. They use dissent to try to "improve" America because they believe that the Founding Fathers used dissent against their government. However, the Founders were dissenting against tyranny, not just government; and I think this is where liberals get lost. While the Founders eschewed big government, liberals from as far back as T.H.Greene and Jane Addams believe that government should be the answer to all of our problems. Liberal dissent is aimed at making things "even" for everyone.
In a sense, a strong sense, liberals are the spoiled children of the American family. "Momma. Timmy has more pudding than me!", might be a common cry heard by both the spoiled child and the liberal. Have you ever seen a family where one child was the "dissenter", one who also tries to run the house?

While conservatives celebrate basic human values that have withstood the test of time and human nature from our earliest civilizations, values that have led to our successes; liberals try to install "dead end" values such as "pay for no work" welfare, moral relativism, and gay marriage (a value that has never been accepted by any civilized ideology).

On this Fourth of July it is important to understand the struggle caused by the spoiled child and the damage that self-serving dissent does to a family.

God Bless our family as we try to educate and correct the spoiled children.

"Good Men love Freedom; all others Love not Freedom, but License" - John Milton


WomanHonorThyself said...

excellent metaphor!!Happy Fourth of Juuuly my friend!:)

hydralisk said...

A new take on the classic Fourth of July speech! Ann Coulter would be ashamed that you came up with it first.

Rogue said...

Thanks Angel And Hydra,

Have a good 4th.

Frederick said...

I'm always amused to stop by and get your funhouse mirror view on things, TJ. I suggest taking a look at this article. I don't subscribe to everything thing it says...but it's a bit closer to reality than what you've produced here.

Rogue said...

If you take everything in that article and boil it down, you get the post I wrote.

It seems both have struck a nerve in you.

What I left out is the way liberals are self-absorbed and lack a long-term orientation. Like spoiled children they want it and they want it now! Just like Obama's view on offshore drilling. "Well, it won't lower gas prices NOW." Yeah, no kidding jackass, but the longer we wait, the longer it doesn't change gas prices.

The most important part of my post is the quote at the bottom. Do you know what Milton meant?

Chris C said...

When the liberals are using Winnie the Pooh to illustrate foreign policy and use cartoon characters as nick names for McCain I also have to seriously question if the left is full of adults acting like children.

All we get from the left is childish and juvenile arguments devoid of adult reasoning and logic. Every time I hear a left argument I feel like I'm in that classic scene from Billy Madison.

Rogue said...

Right on Chris...their same old postmodernist shtick ends up being the greatest argument against their stupidity.

Chris C said...

"Do you know what Milton meant?"

I will answer with another quote:

"when liberty becomes license dictatorship is near"- Will Durant

Liberty which means freedom and license which can mean excessive freedom and lack of due restraint.

What do I win? hehe

Rogue said...

You win a T-shirt from Operation FEEL OUR PAIN (look about eight posts below this one.)

Frederick said...

TJ, to say your gross generalities boiled even further down resemble anything in that article is absurd. You make none of the criticisms of Conservatives that Beinart does, and your opinions on what dissent means to Liberals are as childish as the motives you attach to them.

I suppose you'd say, based on what you've written here, that Frederick Douglass was acting an impatient and spoiled child as well. Your Freedom and "basic human values" rhetoric doesn't mean much after the last 7 years. I know what Milton meant, do you have a clue as to what Bierce is saying here?

Rogue said...


So you are implying that all patriots are scoundrels? Bierce's quote can be viewed in one of three ways:
A. He railed against a few who used patriotism to enrich their own position (more of a liberal action), or,
B. He was saying all patriots are scoundrels (the stereotype of a lazy intellect - so probably not his, but certainly yours), or,
C. The serious head wound Bierce suffered in the Civil War made him think like a FERD.

I choose "A".

Like Douglas, there is a time for dissent -- just not all the time, like libs tend to use it. Constant dissent in the context of the most successful nation in the history of this planet is a behavior emblematic of low self-esteem, low expectation for achievement, and the Hofstede dimension of "short term orientation".

None of these are productive. This is why conservatives have been found in repeated studies to be happier, more successful, and have a better mental balance than libs. These stem from stable relationships in marriage, religious belief and other factors. LINK to Will's Coverage of Study

The main body of the study shows that conservatives can rationalize work harder and you succeed, you work less and you don't. At the same time, conservatives give more time and money to help those who can't succeed -- while liberals just sit there and bitch about why the gummint doesn't fix the "problem".

By all means, please continue to wallow in your self-pity and instability my friend. A few more years of maturation and perhaps you'll figure this out.

Brooke said...

Happy Fourth, Rogue! :)

Chris C said...


you said this and if I took it out of context I apologize but I don't think I did. I hate when people do that. Anyways:

"...and your opinions on what dissent means to Liberals are as childish as the motives you attach to them."

When dissent is used to gain political advantage then it is not healthy dissent. Constant dissent is the same as constant complaining. Nobody wants to be around those kinds of people because anyone that does ends up doing the same thing-constant complaining.

Think of that same type of person, but it's your co-worker. It's annoying and counter-productive.

It is not true dissent it is simply bitching about everything to anyone who will listen.

Chris C said...

wanted to come back to add that in the news today is the story of a man who's son was killed in Iraq and it also speaks about dissent and true vs false.

Cindy Sheehan lost her son to the war, protested and now is running for political office.

The man in the story lost his son in the war, protested to the government, became a defense contractor and invented a bomb-defusing robot to solve the problem that killed his son.

Both had serious dissent towards their government. One choose a path that would help the troops and save lives. The other used dissent to run for Congress.

You can't have a more telling example of the differences in selfish vs helpful dissent then that.

Rogue said...


An excellent example to reinforce the analogy.