Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arizona Elections Review

Most of us can make up our minds about the most advertised elections, but it's difficult to find good information about the judges' races.

This entry covers only the judges on the ballot.

Here are the ones I will vote to retain and those I won't.  Those I'm voting for were either recommended as conservative or appointed by conservative governors:



Justice of the Supreme Court
Recommend: Hon. Ann A. Scott Timmer - Good decisions in the past; fought government fraud

Court of Appeals Div 1:
Recommend: Kent Cattani  - Currently presides over Court.  Republican appointed by Jan Brewer.

Does Not Recommend: Lawrence Winthrop - Liberal republican who really should register as a Democrat to be honest.

Judges of the Superior Court:

Jay Adleman
James Beene
Lori Horn Bustamante
Susan Brnovich
Rodrick Coffey
Suzanne Cohen
Connie Contes
Christopher Coury
John Ditsworth
David Gass
Pam Gates
Douglas Gerlach
Cari Harrison
Daniel Kiley
Andrew Klein
M. Scott McCoy
Kathleen Mead
Joseph Mikitish
David Palmer
Patricia Starr
Sherry Stephens
Timothy Thomason
David Udall

Bruce Cohen
Lisa Daniel Flores
Jeanne Garcia
Jo Lynn Gentry
Michael Gordon
John Hannah
Michael William Kemp
Margaret Mahoney
Paul Joseph McMurdie
Colleen McNally
Karen Mullins
Robert Oberbillig
Jose Padilla
Timothy Ryan
Teresa Sanders
Christopher Witten

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