Sunday, September 11, 2016

Attack of the Millionaires

On September 11, 2001 the United States of America was attacked by well-funded extremists who hated the country and its symbols.  Their message was that we should be ashamed of our country.

On Sunday September 11, 2016 it happened again.  However, rather than flying planes into buildings, well-funded extremists used media outlets to spread their false message of self-hatred at the beginning of NFL football games....and the NFL let them.

Lots of talking heads in the sports world tell us that these people have a right to protest at the beginning of football games by kneeling or sitting during our National Anthem.  In fact, these self-appointed Constitutional scholars tell us the First Amendment must allow for this.

 Freedom of speech is not the same as the First Amendment.  The First Amendment prevents the GOVERNMENT from stifling your speech not private entities (such as the NFL).  Freedom of speech is when we are free to express our thoughts to our community and others.  However, others have the freedom of speech (and expression) to disagree with us, ostracize us, and shun us from that community -- and when they do, we can do nothing about that...there is no law that requires people to like us.   Furthermore, they can ostracize those who support us, those who sponsor us, as their own form of free self-expression.

What makes this latest behavior laughable are the foundations for their childish antics.
The false meme of "hands up, don't shoot" was proven to be a lie.
An African-American Harvard economist showed that Blacks were less likely to be shot when confronting police.
And yet, we're confronted by pathetic racialists who cry racism as the answer to every question they're asked.  They publicly beclown themselves, obtusely dancing by the strings of a puppet-master , and continuing their history of being the Useful Idiots of the Left.

It's time to fight back against these well-funded extremists, just as we fought back against those who came from outside our nation.  During the War on Terror we fought to interrupt the source of funding for extremists....and we can do so again.

At the bottom is a list of sponsors for the NFL and Colin Kaepernick.  You can see Colin in the picture to the right -- hes the one surrounded by men.  Still don't see him?  he's the one trying to grow an Afro, though it looks more like SideShow Bob.

Take the time to contact the sponsors through their website or call and let them know you are boycotting their products because of SideShow Colin.  Cut off his source of funding and the source of funding for the organization that allows him to use their venue -


Call to support your country
Email to support the troops

And, if they don't take action...boycott any game where a Useful Idiot sits or kneels and immediately contact the NFL to let them know why you're boycotting using the following contacts:

Twitter:  @NFL
Internet:  NFL Operations
Phone: 1-212-450-2000
Roger Goodell's Email:

 We can watch highlights on the nightly news without feeding these sponsors:

Nike 1-503-671-6453                 Bose 1-508-879-7330                  

Jaguar 1 (800) 452-4827           Anheuser-Busch                       

Microsoft 1 (800) 285-7772       Pepsi 1-800-433-2652

Musclepharm                             Visa 1 (800) 847-2911                

Campbell Soup                          Fedex 1.800.463.3339                

Frito Lay

Other Sponsors:

Dairy Management,
Papa Johns,
Courtyard by Mariott,
Quaker Oats,
Proctor & Gamble,
Danon Yogurt,
TD Ameritrade ,
Cover Girl
Proctor & Gamble

Call 'til it hurts.....

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