Monday, August 28, 2017

Quid Pro Quo

Most dislike political posts on social media...  especially if the posts goes against our beliefs.
As a matter of fact, many, in the last generation were instructed that "polite company never speaks about politics, sex, or religion".  So, why the explosion of political posts in today's social media?

Political views are tribal.  Our forebears once divided into tribes; usually based on the color of skin, the color of hair, the location raised, and the language spoken.  Recognizing "propinquities" was a survival mechanism that ensured the safety of their specific genetic predispositions or culture.  In many places around the world, this type of tribalism still occurs (e.g. Iraq, most of Africa).

In the First World, we are safe, well-fed, even spoiled by contrast to the rest of the world, and so now our propinquities are based in ideology, rather than physical attributes, for survival.  We have split into two camps...those who want to rise on their own merits and those who want even more comfort than the First World already provides through the leverage of governmentally-forced community.

In the presidential election, two Champions took the field. One who has lived within the political system their entire life. Enriching themselves through access borne by polite society and remora-like connections.
The other conquered the gritty arena of competitive self-efficacy.  Creating "empire" for their family through the use of both banal and patrician connections in a world of self-creation.

The lazy saw the former as their way to unearned wealth (see Gandhi).  They lost.
The lazy now see the latter as a threat to their sloth-filled fantasies...

...and so they wear black masks to hide their pathetic faces.

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