Saturday, November 22, 2014

AARP - Even THEY Know They are a Synonym for Excreta

AARP has a new ad campaign.

You remember AARP, don't you?  They're the vast grouping of blue-haired politicos who sold out on Obamacare.  AARP made almost $3 billion dollars while turning a blind eye to Obamacare's $716 billion cut to Medicare (the program for seniors..not Medicaid, the program for po' people).
Conservative seniors continue to flee AARP, while AARP continues to appoint liberals to head up their state-wide leadership positions .

If you're a senior who is still a member of AARP, this sign is for you.  On the tiny little sign, on the right side of this picture, we see the words "YOU DON'T KNOW 'AARP'".  If you're still a member of AARP, there is a phrase very similar to that one.  It also ends with a four-letter word and it describes those who still send dues to AARP.

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