Monday, November 24, 2014

The Case of Michael Brown: Raise a Thug, Attend a Funeral

A grand jury just exonerated Officer Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown.    There are a few lessons to learn from this case.
First -- raise thug, attend a funeral.  After the verdict, the Brown family stated that their child's killer would not face consequences.  On the contrary, Officer Wilson's life has been disrupted by this investigation.  Imagine doing your job and then being relieved of your duties, interrogated about your actions, questioned by the community, your  livelihood at jeopardy...   There were consequences for one of Michael Brown's killers.

Second -- everyone suffers for the failure of poor parents.  The other killers of Michael Brown also suffered -- they lost their son.  What might have been different if the Brown parents had actually been parents?  What if they had set limits to Michael's behavior?  What if they taught him to not steal from others?
These questions do not blame the victims.  The Browns were not the victims.
Officer Wilson was a victim in this case.
The store owner accosted by Michael Brown was a victim.
The city of Ferguson, having to deal with the aftermath of Michael Brown's assault on a police officer were the victims.

I don't want to hear any more from the Browns.

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