Monday, November 24, 2014

The Case of Michael Brown: Raise a Thug, Attend a Funeral

A grand jury just exonerated Officer Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown.    There are a few lessons to learn from this case.
First -- raise thug, attend a funeral.  After the verdict, the Brown family stated that their child's killer would not face consequences.  On the contrary, Officer Wilson's life has been disrupted by this investigation.  Imagine doing your job and then being relieved of your duties, interrogated about your actions, questioned by the community, your  livelihood at jeopardy...   There were consequences for one of Michael Brown's killers.

Second -- everyone suffers for the failure of poor parents.  The other killers of Michael Brown also suffered -- they lost their son.  What might have been different if the Brown parents had actually been parents?  What if they had set limits to Michael's behavior?  What if they taught him to not steal from others?
These questions do not blame the victims.  The Browns were not the victims.
Officer Wilson was a victim in this case.
The store owner accosted by Michael Brown was a victim.
The city of Ferguson, having to deal with the aftermath of Michael Brown's assault on a police officer were the victims.

I don't want to hear any more from the Browns.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

AARP - Even THEY Know They are a Synonym for Excreta

AARP has a new ad campaign.

You remember AARP, don't you?  They're the vast grouping of blue-haired politicos who sold out on Obamacare.  AARP made almost $3 billion dollars while turning a blind eye to Obamacare's $716 billion cut to Medicare (the program for seniors..not Medicaid, the program for po' people).
Conservative seniors continue to flee AARP, while AARP continues to appoint liberals to head up their state-wide leadership positions .

If you're a senior who is still a member of AARP, this sign is for you.  On the tiny little sign, on the right side of this picture, we see the words "YOU DON'T KNOW 'AARP'".  If you're still a member of AARP, there is a phrase very similar to that one.  It also ends with a four-letter word and it describes those who still send dues to AARP.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Avoid Getting Gruber-ed Again (This is for the Libs)

    Tomorrow, an executive order is going to override established law.  More importantly though, is the sales pitch El Presidente Obama is going to throw at us.  Some of us will buy into being Gruber'ed again (see Gruber below).  Others will recognize pieces of this speech for what they are -- male bovine excreta.

    What Obama will propose is this:  he is going to grant a "pardon" to those who have committed the crime of invading our country.  These folks will be able to bring from their home countries any children they left behind.  To throw the American People a bone, Obama will pronounce that these people WILL NOT be able to get free healthcare -- THERE!  SEE!  Very little cost to us.  
   "So", Obama will guilt-trip you, "what's the problem?  Why can't we be generous?  Why can't we just share a little bit of 'Merica with these poor downtrodden folks who come from countries that suck so badly, they can't possibly survive if they stay there?"  Group hug.

   Here's where the Gruber'ing comes in.  You see, a pardon only expunges past crimes.  The fact that these people will stay is a re-offense.  But, tomorrow Emperor err... President Obama is going to unilaterally declare that he will not enforce the immigration laws on the books.  Instead, he will likely grant an Imperial ...errr... a Presidential Pardon for everyone in the entire world to invade our borders. 
    Also, he is already prepping the race-baiting defenders of crimes against the United States ...errr....immigration activists to act appalled that no Obamacare will be permitted.  The race-hustlers ...err...advocates will weep and gnash their teeth at the unfairness.  Surely, the American people can look at their tear-stained cheeks and realize that they have given so much for this opportunity.  
   Little problem there, B.,, we're on to you. Two minutes after the grand pronouncement from the Grand Overlord...errrr...the President (and astonishingly fast), the race-based Champions of Fairness will file suit against the United States on behalf of the noobs.  Just like immigrant children must be permitted public schooling, so shall the Supreme Court find that criminals...errrr.. newly minted residents have the right to tax-payer funded healthcare.  And Obama knows it.  Just like he knew Obamacare would lead to a government takeover of healthcare.

Question is, are we going to get Gruber'ed by this kabuki dance?  Us?  No!
Will the Democrats be Gruber'ed again? (prolly).

Tune in tomorrow for the fun.....


Grubered... ( 's -- 'ing) verb, to treat other human beings as though they are mouth-breathing imbeciles and then subject them to your bragging about it.

Professor Gruber is an MIT professor hired by the Obama administration to strategerize a way to sell Obamacare to the unwashed masses.  Gruber declared that the stupidity of the American People would allow the establishment rulers to pass this off as "not a tax".  In fact, the only people who would be taxed were eeeeevil insurance companies.  (Who would undoubtedly pass  the costs on to us -- shhhhhh). The only folks who fell for this were liberals.  Good Job!  They must be the stupid ones of whom he spoke -- but we already knew that.